A History of Imperial Bullshit, Vol. 4, The Old Testament

It’s finally ready and available at Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords.


A History of Imperial Bullshit, Volume 4, makes a thoroughly compelling argument that the Old Testament is a devious work of propaganda designed to profit wealthy European war mongers and fraudsters. Moreover, the author makes a strong case for the O.T.’s ongoing corrupting influence.

 In the spirit of its title, Bullshit is a passionate re-evaluation that will stir the conscience. But this isn’t a rant. Bullshit 4 is a close reading of the Old Testament that, at times, goes verse by verse.

 Most of its 159 sections not only expose the immorality in the Old Testament but find real parallels in the modern world, thus supporting its argument that we continue to live in a Biblical world and will continue to do so until we consciously reject it values.  

 Finally, perhaps its most shocking argument, though really a distraction to its point about morality, is its evidence of a late medieval and Renaissance forgery written in Western Europe.

 And the evidence is ample.