Sick of Hollywood Heroism

So Batman is at it again, saving Gotham city for the nth time. Ugh. How tiresome. Have you seen that dreary dreadful city that is oh so stuck in the forties? I think sunshine and plant life are illegal in Gotham. But it’s the same story everywhere: Spiderman, Superman and the whole lot, one and all defenders of cities. Do you know, no great author, painter or musician has ever praised cities more than nature. So, the question is, why can’t superheroes defend an agricultural region or, say, the Amazon? Oh, right, Steven Seagal did that.

By constantly associating heroism with violence, with supernatural biceps, glutes, pecs, and a few other physical and technological powers that are the envy of every army, Hollywood prevents its viewers from ever considering other kinds of heroism.

This brings me to Batman’s enemy, the Joker. Why did Hollywood have to make a joker, a person normally associated with laughter and good health, the ultimate expression of criminal insanity? Whatever the reason may be, the fact that it did goes to show that Hollywood’s vision of the world is both perverse and completely backwards. Compared to the information industry, the joking industry, if one could even call it that, is relatively worthless. But to turn joking into an evil. . . that goes too far and I won’t stand for it! Indeed, the poor actor Hollywood persuaded to slander the art of joking by equating it with the psychotic, even he has testified against himself with his recent fatal drug overdose.

Joking ought to be portrayed as the opposite of evil. In fact, Hollywood would have been more truthful if it chose some millionaire playboy (Batman), or some millionaire businessman (Ironman), or some cheap journalist (Spiderman), or even a blockheaded extraterrestrial (Superman) for its ultimate villain!


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